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Data-driven deep dives, insider secrets, unpopular opinions, tactical takeaways

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We’re on a mission to uncover the science of self-made success. Join host Akua Konadu each week as she interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business—digging deep into the details and uncovering the strategies that turned entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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Reviews from our listeners

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"Love this podcast!! It's a must-listen for small business owners; it's such a great resource of experts sharing their knowledge to help entrepreneurs up-level their businesses. headshots attached!"

Laylee Emadi
Coach for Creative Educators

"As a small business owner with a day job, I'm always on the listening lookout for inspiring stories, new ideas, and ways to grow my business, especially while I sew! The Independent Business Podcast delivers just that — Natalie is a fierce advocate for small businesses."

Rachel Park
Creator, ParkPuff® seatbelt pillow

"These are the conversations we have all been craving! This small business Mama Bear Natalie Franke, combines science, compassion, grit, curiosity, and resilience with her wisdom to help us both define and redefine our human experiences."

Quianna Marie
Photographer + Content Generator

"These are real voices with real stories. This podcast is a FANTASTIC input on a busy day with my head down to keep the motivation flowing. Totally recommend!"

Kent Heckel
Internet video creator

Meet your host, Akua Konadu

Akua Konadu is a storytelling strategist, educator, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She's the founder of not one but two businesses and knows first-hand what it takes to build something from the ground up.

As the host of the Independent Business podcast, Akua is on a mission to inspire and educate business owners to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and build successful independent businesses.

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Upcoming guests

podcast guest Brock Johnson
Brock Johnson
Instagram Growth Coach
Podcast guest Jen Olmstead
Jen Olmstead
Co-Founder and Lead Designer of TONIC Site Shop
Podcast guest Lakrisha Davis
Lakrisha Davis
LinkedIn, Business & Content Coach
Podcast guest Natalie Ellis
Natalie Ellis
Founder and CEO of Bossbabe

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